No Dig Drainage Solutions


No dig drainage solutions offer a comprehensive range of drain investigation and repair methods including CCTV, excavation and pipe relining.

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Insurance Authority Form

Following recent problems at my property, investigations have been carried out by No Dig Drainage Solutions and repair works have been suggested. It is believed that the costs of these works are covered under the terms of my buildings insurance policy.

I/We authorise Catalyst Claims Management Ltd to be appointed as my/our agent with authority to:-

  • Act/settle on my/our behalf in respect of the above loss and the insurance claim;
  • Receive all future correspondence/telephone calls in relation to the claim directed to the above address;
  • Have the right to appoint a contractor to undertake the reinstatement works on my/our behalf;
  • Accept all settlement payments, in the name of Catalyst Claims Management Ltd or the nominated contractor.
    Care of Catalyst Claims Management Ltd, Gatehead Business Park, Delph New Road, Oldham. OL3 5DE
  • Make all appropriate payments to the main contractors/suppliers on my/our behalf;

I am aware that should I need to discuss my claim that Catalyst Claims Management Ltd specialises in insurance claim handling and will be available to answer any questions I may have. No Dig Drainage Solutions are not part of Catalyst Claims Management Limited and therefore cannot provide me with guidance on making a claim against my insurance policy as this is a specialist area.

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