Insurance Are You Covered?

Accidental damage to underground services

Most buildings insurance policies provide cover for accidental damage to underground pipes and drains that service the property and which the homeowner is responsible for.

Accidental is generally considered to mean something that is both unforeseen and unintentional.

Damage would include not only physical damage but also something that resulted in a loss of function

Although this is the general interpretation of accidental damage policy cover can vary from insurer to insurer. In this instance Catalyst Claims will evaluate your policy wording and should our team of technical experts believe your claim is valid we will approach your insurers and negotiate claims settlement on your behalf.

 Accidental damage is generally caused by:

  • Tree roots ingress that has broken through or fractured the pipe
  • Ground movement causing pipes to fracture or collapse
  • External pressure from a building or pressure from vehicles
  • Water leaking from pipes will wash away supporting causing pipes to sag